Talk 1:
Alternate Channels
LGBT TV History,

This video-illustrated talk is an overview of how LGBT images on TV have changed over the decades, and how those changes came about. Based on my acclaimed book Alternate Channels, the presentation looks at prime-time TV from the 1950s to the present.


Through clips from sitcoms, dramas and reality shows, we'll see the progression from near-invisibility to stereotypes to more balanced depictions, and talk about what progress is still needed. I've given this talk at countless universities (some of which have invited me back repeatedly), as well as film festivals, community centers, organization meetings, pride events, and libraries. 105 min. including Q&A.

Talk 2:
LGBT Youth:
Television Portrayals,

This shorter talk was designed mainly for high schools. It examines the changing television images of LGBT youth, as a window into American society's changing attitudes. 50 min.

Talk 3:
Same-Sex Marriage on TV,

This presentation explores how same-sex marriage has been talked about in U.S. culture over the past 40 years, illustrated with video clips from newscasts, sitcoms, dramas, reality TV and talk shows. 75 min.