Immigration and Assimilation
1930s to 2010s

A one-hour lecture with video clips

How do sitcoms and prime-time dramas portray Judaism?


As a religion?
A personality type?
A culture?


When and why do series depict Jewish identity as a vital part of people's lives? When and why is it reduced to a minor background trait, expressed through stereotypes or the occasional use of Yiddish words?


Let's explore four generations of Jewish characters on the air. We'll look at and discuss clips of series ranging from the 1940s THE GOLDBERGS to the 2013 THE GOLDBERGS, including shows such as BROOKLYN BRIDGE, GREY'S ANATOMY, FRIENDS, GLEE, BEING HUMAN, BRIDGET LOVES BERNIE, SEINFELD, GIRLS, LANIGAN'S RABBI and THE NANNY, among others, and we'll even hear short clips from some early Jewish-themed radio comedies and dramas.


Let's explore our media history together!


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(The exact clips and shows covered may vary from one presentation to the next.)