U.S. Remakes of Foreign TV Series
1970s to the present

A one-hour lecture with video clips

American TV has produced so many remakes of foreign shows: House of Cards, Homeland, Veep, The Office, Wilfred, Ugly Betty, Being Human, Queer as Folk, Three's Company, Sanford and Son, All in the Family


What happens when U.S. networks reinvent shows from other countries? What gets censored out? What gets added or changed? And what does all this tell us about the commercial realities of U.S. television and the expectations people in different countries bring to the media?


This talk explores these questions through clips of foreign comedy and drama series and their American remakes, from the 1970s to the present. It is an update of a lecture I first gave in 2004 at Bournemouth University in England.


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(The exact clips and shows covered may vary from one presentation to the next.)