If we could have you back every month, we would! It was the students who pressed to bring you the first year, and they know best! So happy to have hosted you for two years. Here’s to another two and then some!

– Prof. Michelle Nicopolis, Cuyahoga County College


Steven was enthusiastic, funny and extremely personable. He was a treat!

–, reviewing Steven’s appearance at the Paley Center


More than a decade of research has made him a walking encyclopedia of broadcast fiction, and a treasure trove of information for any media buff.

Zero magazine, Spain, after a lecture gig in Madrid


Capsuto is a dead-on analyst of trends and political patterns, championing the many people who have fought to bring gay lives and stories into our living rooms.

Brill’s Content magazine, reviewing the 2000 release of Steven’s book Alternate Channels


(selected items)


“Rutgers Alumnus Tracks Progress of LGBT Characters on TV”Rutgers Focus

“Haddon Township man chronicles gay TV characters through the decades”Philadelphia Inquirer

“Presentation tackles TV interpretation” – Illinois State University Vidette

“Profile: Steven Capsuto”Zero magazine, Spain (English translation)

Excerpt from “MTR Rundown” –

“The Author’s Village: Steven Capsuto”BottomLine magazine, Palm Springs, California

“Our Days in the Sun: Alternate Channels – from the Boston newspaper Bay Windows

“Off the Shelf: Alternate ChannelsSan Francisco Frontiers

“As Not Seen on Television: Alternate ChannelsBrill’s Content magazine